When a person is arrested and detained in jail, they do not have to stay in jail until their case is resolved. By making a monetary commitment with the court through bail, the defendant can be released on instructions to return for the case proceedings and trial. Posting bail guarantees that a defendant will not flee after a release. Since arrests are unexpected occurrences, most defendants and their families lack the financial capacity to secure a bail release.

For this reason, most people opt for a bail bond, which a surety company provides. When you contact the bail bond service for assistance, they will assess your eligibility and offer an agreement you must sign. The bail bond agreement indicates the costs you will incur for the bail bond services and the role of each party in the agreement.

Posting a bail bond is affordable, convenient, and fast. However, finding the right surety company to work with you is another hurdle you must navigate. If you seek bail bond services for a loved one or friend detained in Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles, and all of Southern California, you could benefit from the top-notch services we offer at Fausto’s bail bonds. Call us at 855-328-7867, and we will meet all your bail bond needs.

Understanding Bail Bonds in California

The court will hold a bail hearing if you are arrested and detained in jail. At the bail hearing, the judge determines the bail amount needed for a defendant to secure a release before trial. Since securing a fast release is a priority, most people seek the fastest and most convenient way to post bail. Unfortunately, not everyone has the financial resources or property needed for a cash or property bond.

Your bail bond journey will begin by contacting Fausto’s bail bonds. A bail bondsman from the company will be sent out to investigate your eligibility for a bail bond. This may be determined by the defendant’s flight risk and criminal history. Before contacting the company, you need to have these details about the defendant:

  • Their full name.
  • The address of the jail where the defendant is held.
  • The offense with which the defendant is charged.
  • The amount of bail needed for a release.

If you qualify for a bail bond, the company will inform you about the fee you need to pay for their services. A bail bondsman from our company will go to court and secure the defendant's release by paying the full amount needed for their release.

Why Choose Fausto’s Bail Bonds?

With so many bail bond companies claiming to offer expert bail bond services, you must choose wisely. This is because the company you work with can make a significant difference in your bail-posting experience. The following are some of the reasons you should contact Fausto’s bail bonds for your needs:

We Offer Excellent Communication

Even after contacting a bail bond service for assistance, posting bail for a loved one can be overwhelming. Therefore, you want to learn every detail of the situation as it happens. This helps you navigate the process more easily, and you can provide the support that the defendant needs as they anticipate a release.

We ensure you understand the bail bond process at Fausto's bail bonds. We will relay any information from the court to you. This helps ensure that the defendant will follow through with all bail requirements.

We are Transparent in our Charges

Nothing could be worse than learning that there are additional costs to your bail bond agreement after you have signed the agreement and paid the premium. California's standard bail bond premium is 10% of the total bail amount. At Fausto’s bail bonds, we will inform you about all the costs you must pay, including premiums and collateral. This helps avoid unanticipated costs, which could put you under further stress.

Flexibility in Payments

Although posting bail bonds is cheaper than cash bail, you will be responsible for up to 10% of the total bail amount. When the bail amount is high, the premium fee could be unaffordable for some defendants. At Fausto’s bail bonds, we work to ensure that no one remains in jail for lack of bail money. For this reason, we allow you to enter a bail bond repayment plan.

A bail bond repayment plan is an agreement to cover part of the premium and pay the balance in affordable installments. You have a better chance of entering the repayment agreement if you can provide evidence of steady income. This assures the company that you can cover the premium balance.

We have Extensive Experience in the Industry

The bail posting process can be complicated, especially when you go through it for the first time. You will need our services at Fausto’s bail bonds for a fast release through bail bonds. We have extensive experience bailing defendants facing various charges out of jail. Additionally, we know local courts and jails, which could help speed up and smoothen your loved one’s release.

Discrete Services

Facing an arrest and spending time behind bars is hard enough for a defendant and their family. The arrest being public knowledge can create social stigma for the defendant, impacting their emotional and mental well-being. When you confide in us about your loved one’s bail needs, we will keep the information about their arrest confidential. Therefore, if they are not convicted for their offense, the arrest will not cause them unnecessary trauma.

When you work with us to bail out a loved one or friend, your presence at the jail cell or court is unnecessary. We will send a bail bondsman to take care of all court paperwork and release.

24/7 Operations

In California, arrests occur at any time. This could be during the night or on holidays when other offices are open. Learning of a loved one’s arrest is not something you can wait for the morning to handle. You should to contact a surety company immediately and seek the help you need for the bail release. At Fausto’s Bail Bonds, we work 24/7 to provide bail bond services for all our clients.

Any time you call us, you will have someone to answer the phone and address your concerns. This lets you know that we are concerned about your situation and will do everything possible to ensure a fast release for your friend or loved one.

We are Licensed and Insured

Working with a company with the necessary licensing and insurance puts you at ease as you navigate the bail bond process. Fausto’s Bail Bonds is licensed to offer bail bond services in Los Angeles, CA.

Client Testimonials

Cheyenne V.

I am happy to offer my feedback on your bail bond service. Working with your company was a great experience. Having never worked with a surety company before, I found the process much easier with your guidance. From the moment you answered my call to returning my collateral after the case ended, it was a good experience for my brother, who was arrested and charged with a felony.

Michelle T.

I recently contacted Fausto’s bail bonds to help bail a person out of jail. Unfortunately, I am not in the same area as the person who was behind bars. I was afraid of how we would coordinate the release and prevent my friend from sitting behind bars. The company quickly responded to my concerns, and the defendant was bailed out without needing me to travel to their location.

The company only needed me to provide the details of the defendant’s arrest, detention, and the amount needed to bail them out.

Victor B.

Helpful and considerate services. My nephew got himself into some legal trouble, which put him in jail. As their legal guardian, I was afraid for him to spend the night in jail. By calling Fausto’s bail bonds, I not only received fast and reliable services to secure their release, but the bail bondsman was also understanding and sympathetic to the situation. My nephew was out of jail in a few hours, and this saved us from so much trouble.

Mellissa I.

If you are seeking honest and straightforward services, Fausto’s bail bonds are the place to be. I was pleased with their services since the financial requirements they stated during our first interaction did not change. They have no additional charges that can shock you as you anticipate your loved one’s release. After covering the premium fees and providing bail bond collateral, I did not incur any additional costs for their services.

Bail Bond Frequently Asked Questions

The moments following an arrest and detention can be traumatizing for you and your family. These are commonly asked questions to help you understand the bond process:

  1. What will be my responsibility when I bail someone out of jail?

Watching a loved one rot in jail is a devastating experience. If you contact Fausto’s bail bonds to seek help for another person's release, you will be considered a co-signer for their bail bond. Since the defendant cannot agree while behind bars, you will do it for them. As the co-signer, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Pay bail bond costs. Although a bail bond is cheaper than posting a cash bail, the company charges a 10% premium for their services. When you co-sign the bail bond, you must provide this amount to the bail bond company. This could be in one payment or through installments. The surety company will also require you to present collateral for the bail bond.
  • Ensure the defendant attends the trial. Entering a bail bond agreement for a loved one means that you are responsible for ensuring that the defendant does not skip bail.
  1. What is bail bond collateral?

In California, bail bond collateral is the property or valuable item you provide to the surety company when you enter a bail bond agreement. Collateral acts as security for the bail bond company if the defendant skips bail and the company loses its money in a bail forfeiture. In this case, the company will sell the collateral to recover the money they lost to the court.

  1. How do I meet bail bond requirements?

When you contact Fausto’s bail bonds for assistance in posting bail, our bail bondsman will investigate your situation to determine whether you are eligible for a bail bond. The company may offer its assistance if:

  • The defendant has no history of avoiding court commitments.
  • The defendant does not have an extensive criminal history.
  • You can pay service fees for the bail bonds.
  1. What happens if the defendant skips bail?

The main aim of posting bail is to assure the court that the defendant will follow through with the case after an early release. When a defendant is present at trial and the case is resolved, the bail money is returned to the payer. The judge will order a bail forfeiture if the defendant flees after posting a bail bond. This means that the company will lose money. In return, the company will seize the collateral you provided.

  1. What is an Own Recognizance Release?

Not all defendants in California need to make a monetary commitment for a release with a pending criminal case. Sometimes, the court can release you on your own recognizance. This means that you will promise to return for court proceedings before the release. An own recognizance release is often available to defendants under the following circumstances:

  • The defendant is a first-time offender. If your loved one does not have a criminal history and their underlying charge is their first, the judge can consider releasing them without bail.
  • A defendant faces a charge for a less serious crime. The court determines your bail amount by considering the severity of the underlying offense. You can secure an OR release for minor offenses like shoplifting and disturbing the peace.
  • The defendant has no violent history. The court can release defendants without bail if they have no history of violent criminal offenses.
  1. How will the court determine the amount of bail needed for my release?

The judge will set your bail when you attend the bail hearing. Different offenses require different bail amounts. Some of the factors that the judge could consider when setting your bail include:

  • The severity of your violations. California has a list of each offense and the amount of bail required, which is the bail schedule. You may be required to pay the amount indicated on the bail schedule if a warrant is attached to your arrest. However, the judge will increase or reduce the amount on the schedules for most defendants.
  • Flight risk. The judge expects you to return to court for your trial and other proceedings after a bail release. The amount you pay is to discourage you from fleeing. Your likelihood of flight could impact the amount you need to pay as bail. Your flight risk is determined by the ties you have to the community, which include employment and family in the jurisdiction of your arrest.
  • Community safety. Releasing a defendant with a pending trial helps decongest the jails and allows the defendant to move on with life before the trial begins. However, when setting bail, the court is also focused on protecting the public from violent offenders. For this reason, the judge will reduce or increase your bail amount depending on the level of threat you pose to other people.
  • Income and resources. A defendant with a high income and resources may be more tempted to flee after posting bail. This is because the forfeiture may not impact their financial life significantly. Therefore, the court could set a higher bail amount for a high-earning defendant than their low-earning counterparts.

Find Expert Bail Bond Services Near Me

A person arrested for violating California law is detained in a jail cell awaiting trial. The number of criminal cases pending in the courts is often high. Therefore, the judge may take a while to schedule your trial and court proceedings. Remaining in jail while your case is pending can cause emotional and mental anguish.

Unless you qualify for your own recognizance release, posting bail is the only way to secure a release from jail with a pending case. California courts are known for setting high bail amounts. This makes it unaffordable for many defendants to seek a cash bail release. If you are in such a predicament, posting a bail bond may be the easiest and most convenient way for you to bail a loved one out of jail.

A bail bond release involves contacting a surety company for financial assistance and expert guidance in the bail process. Finding the right bail bond company can significantly impact your bail posting experience. At Fausto’s Bail Bonds, we offer top-notch bail bond services for our clients throughout Riverside, Los Angeles, San Diego, and all of Southern California. Contact us at 855-328-7867 for much-needed assistance.